The White Man’s Vegetable

Ponder this a moment.  What plant has fed the white man for centuries–post American exploration?  From its humble roots (hint hint) as peasant sustenance to modern day caloric side dish filler?  A ubiquitous medium which assimilates the flavors of anything it touches, from spice mixes to rendered oils?  From elegant salads to white trash junk food?

No, chicken isn’t a vegetable.

Mmmm, there we go.

We planted a couple rows of these, and netted 10 pounds for harvest.  So approximately 1 pound of potatoes per linear garden space.  Not bad.  I’m hoping to get a second crop now, but the weather isn’t cooperating.  On the other hand, the cost of using old potatoes that weren’t eaten in time is essentially zero, so no great risk compared to the potential gain.

And by “gain”, I mean to my waistline.

The perfect vegetable.


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