Nothing major here, just a nice bunch of homegrown carrots.  It warrants a post.


Garbage Pile

I have a backlog of stuff that I’ve failed to post due to life’s distractions.  So here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to:

1. Quarantine Breakfast

I’ve begun a Sunday ritual where I make a more time-consuming brunch.  This family is not one to rise early of our own accord, so weekday breakfasts are often skipped or consist of premade options.  And since Saturdays are packed with accomplishing chores, there should be at least a few relaxing hours once a  week.

2. Home School

The kid’s had to adapt to completing her schoolwork remotely.  Her focus, however, is still that of an 8-year old’s.  I’ve taken to creating a temporary workstation for her in the basement so I can keep an eye on her, but the visual scene is rather spartan and sad.  Do what works I suppose.

3. Garden Trellis

Each year I make a stronger tomato trellis, and each year it collapses by the end of the season.  This year I decided to build an ultimate trellis, of treated lumber, 3 inch deck screws, and 2-foot deep settings.  It won’t fall down this year, dammit!

4. Victory Garden Planted

The victory garden from earlier this month got planted for the first time.  It’ll be a squash garden with some sunflowers.


Victory Garden Indeed

It’s of some amusement to me that I’ve been calling my vegetable garden a Victory Garden in times of relative peace, only to see the term re-enter our collective lexicon now that our food system is eroding under the COVID-19 crisis.

Maybe “amusement” isn’t the proper term, but “irony” doesn’t seem right either.  No matter.

It is, however, encouraging to see so many taking it up.  And as chance would have it, I’ve expanded my own Victory Garden.


Squashes are the plan, since last year’s garden got a little crowded.

Also, as a suggestion to any would-be gardeners out there.  I’d strongly recommend sweet potatoes.  They’re easy to grow, ignored by most pests, prolific, and highly nutritious.  If you’re goal is to create a produce buffer, they’re an easy choice that requires very little effort.

Happy gardening!



A few years back I “fondly” recalled my parents’ compost pile.  That was during the Texas years.  It wasn’t fun.  I vowed to never force the experience upon my own kid.

And I have indeed stuck to that principle, though I’ve admittedly since started composting anyway.  But in fairness, there’s a lot of organic waste that needs to be disposed of, and why fill up the trash bins with it?  And we have gardens.  So fine–there are advantages.  But I won’t go crazy with it.

No, I’ll create a quaint and reasonable compost pile.

Right side: last year’s yard waste

Plus, I have a tiller to mix it up, so no manually turning with a pitchfork.

And so far, I’m impressed with how well it’s breaking down.  As new kitchen waste gets added to the pile (something I do make the kid take care of), I simply pile leaves on top from the edges to keep the stink down.

Apparently it’s possible to do these things non-obsessively.  Who knew?