Hey look y’all!  Another lightbulb post!

You bet!  I have much jesting, at the expense of Baby Boomers and my wife.


Okay, so this is just one of those filler posts I come up with in winter.

But even in the mediocrity of suburban creativity can one ruminate.

One can also be that shameless self-promoter who constantly hyperlinks his own prior blog posts.


All right, the point.  Here it is…

It was the laassst incandescent…

Yep.  One such bulb remained, still functioning I might add.  Note that it’s not a GE.

I have a Sunbeam Mixmaster in the basement, replaced by the Kitchen Aid.  It still works, too.

But all bulbs grow dim with time, even if they don’t catastrophically fail as designed by Capitalistic anti-competitive anti-consumer anti-environmental bla bla bla grumble grumble and such….


It needed replacing.  I didn’t even know it was incandescent until I looked.  And I’m fairly certain it’s the last of its kin to leave this house, excluding the appliance bulbs which necessarily must remain incandescents.

Farewell, ye old supposed invention of Thomas Edison, who didn’t really invent the lightbulb bla bla bla history facts….

And despite the bleeding heart left-wing environmentalist Democratic bla bla bla guns immigrants hard work kids these days Hillary is really a man moon landing faked … conspiracy to rid them from the world, in some small way, I’ll miss them.


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