…And Soon it Was

The great hunt of 2021!

When I bought my pistol, Joe bought a shotgun.  His first shotgun was tacticool, and to this I unleashed much razzing.

But now properly armed with the correct barrel, he finally shot his first quarry.  Huzzah!

I, however, missed the next squirrel.  3 times.  It was a jumpy bastard.  First time I missed with Big Iron.  I received my own share or razzing for that.

Big Iron

Eventually though…

A 6/7 success rate is still pretty good.  A kill’s a kill.  And despite the miss and the horribly hot weather, a day hunting is still a better day than one at work.

The squirrel itself was tasty, but again the sauce was a failure.  I just don’t think it’s possible to make good squirrel gravy.  Oh well.  Not the point of the trip, I suppose.  Manliness was achieved once again!


Garbage Pile 3

I am behind on my posts, so following in such tradition, here’s a montage:

I bought a sword, for no practical reason. As a younger nerd, I couldn’t afford to, and now that I can, I know my past self would be very disappointed if I didn’t.  And yes, it’s functional carbon spring steel.
Weird tomato of the year
Finally got a milkweed to grow for the butterflies
My prize tomato, though not as big as last year.
More garden produce
And more garden produce
Can’t forget to document every rainbow
Visited a butterfly house
Back to school
Getting ready for hunting season
And more garden produce
Prepping…I mean canning
I bought myself a pistol I’ve been wanting
And more garden produce
Treasure found with the metal detector

Whew!  And that’s the abbreviated list.  A lot can happen in 4 weeks.