Just a general post, but with COVID vaccines immunizing our elders, we got to have a family Easter this year.  The weather even cooperated.

Warm sun puts whippets to sleep
Warm sun puts grandpas to sleep
Grilled lamb puts anyone else to sleep

Happy Easter!


Through a Glass, Darkly

This is a minor project, but all projects will be recorded into the annuls of whatever time period this is!

This is the garage window:

As you can see, its existence serves no purpose, and is a security flaw.  I had covered it with a paper blind, but that was ugly and dirty and falling apart.  I needed a more elegant solution.

So I fell back on a solution I employed previously on the back door: security film.  This film, when applied, bonds with the glass pane and prevents it from shattering.  The back door, which contains a large window, was stupidly fitted with a thumb-turn lock.  I’ve since taken additional security measures on the lock, but at the time this added an obstacle to simply breaking the glass and unlocking the door.  This film is also offered with dark tint.  This let me reinforce the glass as well as block out external peeping.


I put a motion sensor on that green light too.  If the door is shut and the light is off, even at night it’s not possible to effectively look in and inventory anything.

Security Protocol!