Crumblin’ Down

I’ve learned a lot about tempered glass.  Why?  Because when what is essentially a wall to my home shatters and collapses, the inquisitive mind might ponder the reasons, especially after receiving replacement price quotes.  Turns out, the tempering process compresses the inner portion of the glass, which makes it stronger than normal glass, but also prone to shattering once compromised.

As for what compromised it, I’m guessing that fell simply to the age of the door.  Perhaps the glass could no longer flex properly under temperature fluctuations as the synthetic components hardened with age.  But whatever the reason, the fracture was spontaneous and without obvious reason.  And I was standing nearby at the counter when it happened.  And it was disconcerting.

And expensive–did I mention that?

This will be followed up on, post-fix.



I love sweating.  Really, few sensations top that of standing in the sun and feeling that stream of sweat run down my back and into my pants, or the deodorant in my armpits failing and causing a sticky feeling whenever I move.  In the final death-throws of heatstroke, victims tear of their clothing in a state of agonized delirium, fatalistically surrendering to the elements.  I understand why.

We went to the Ohio State Fair.

Not my thing, granted, but educational for the kid.



Barrels of Fun

A couple years back I wrote about the last rain barrel, which in itself was a sequel to the fate of the first rain barrel, which was an acquisition of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

The in-laws got us another such barrel (though it be a wine barrel, technically), for Christmas.  And with the sweltering and rather dry summer under way, I made…wait for it…another rain barrel!

And yes–the Blood Price was paid: