Carrots Again

Liz tried a second crop of carrots.  Better this time, though the harvest was still small.  I don’t think they’re the most energy-efficient vegetable to grow, but neither are tomatoes I suppose.  Plus, they’re needed for those delicious


Luck X5

Luck is fine and all.  As is wealth.  But luck, wealth, and longevity?  Hell yeah.

A SIX leaf clover (zoom in on the center)

I’ll be a gold-digger’s dream when I’m old.



Tools–the modern man’s vector to creation and maintenance.  The medium that separates us from the primitive.  The…continually growing pile of crap that must be obtained for the sake of keeping other crap functional.  And the collection never ends.

What started as a srewdriver/socket wrench set and a tape measure has, over a lifetime, morphed beyond the tangible.  It is now a pursuit.  A concept.  A verb!  To…instrumentumate!  I’m sure that’ll catch on.

The result of which was a set of bins that had every tool haphazardly cast, necessitating the full scale emptying of said bins to find the appropriate tool for a given task, with the side effect of me not wanting to start a project, and to the impatience of Liz.

And to follow this chain of causality further, Liz bought me a tool organization system and a workbench!

Alas too late for the recent laminate installation, but new tasks will no doubt spring forth to demand my attention.  And when that day comes, I will be able to easily find the necessary tools.

Or… further instrumentumating!