Laminate (Part 4)

The laminate saga continues.  To recap: carpet is disgusting and needs to be banished to the inferno!

We had actually installed new carpet in the master bedroom when we bought the house.  It was an emergency solution.  The existing carpet was beyond hope.  It had been cleaned so much that it had unevenly bleached out.  It was also the first glimpse we got of what happens to carpet padding after 50 years.  It had to go, and we had Lowe’s contract the replacement with what we thought at the time would be a long-term solution: Stainmaster carpet.

Burn it!

But carpet is carpet.  And dogs are dogs.  And stink is stink.  And unlimited trash pickup day was arriving.  So here we went again.

That’s right, you can’t handle the responsibility of carpet

But this time, I bought an oscillating saw.  In the past I used a coping saw, but that was laborious.  Plus, it was an excuse to get a new power tool.

Look at that intricate set of perfect cuts!

I also added trim the the closet frames.  And Liz painted a shade of green this time.

Ooooo, all clean and sterile

It does look nice and inviting.  Two more rooms to go!


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