Way Down Yonder in the Cucurbita Patch

That doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Of course, I’d rather eat a pawpaw than a squash, too.  Squash are really only good as butter sponges or for decoration.

But they’re fun to grow, and despite their questionable culinary value, a source of home-grown nutrition a la Victory Garden!

Victory Garden Indeed

Yet despite my plans, many of the seeds I selected didn’t germinate, and those that did weren’t what I expected.  Maybe some things got mixed up in the seed vault.  I also scattered compost, which apparently contained a number of squash seeds from the year prior, which I let grow to fill in the garden space.  Consequently, I have some interesting varieties.

Ronde De Nice and pattypans were planned. Those strange white pumpkins were not.
Gourds and a mutant zucchini?
And it’s all a good lesson for the kid


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