Winter Carrots

As I mentioned last month, I am on a gardening quest to extend the growing season.

Phenology 2022

In so doing, I’ve cataloged these extended growing times through observation and failure, have been largely successful overall.

Bastard deer couldn’t even finish a whole carrot.

I also mentioned Bambi, amusing in that it was these rampaging ravenous ruminates that forced my winter carrot harvest – probably the last of my phenologic experiments of the prior year.  The goal was to dig them up at the beginning of March, at which point I would then plant onions and radishes in the newly-vacant and opened earth, just before the carrots started growing again and converting their sugar.  If that were successful, I would have closed the gap entirely on the fallow period.

Still, I was close.  I just need to…address the wildlife situation.

And make more stock!