A Lubbock County Almanac (March 12, 1995)

Hi!  I just woke up a wile ago.  When I was finished eating breakfast, I took a towl and started to dry the dishes.  I teased dad a little bit.  He got angry!  He started talking about how irrsponsibal I am.  I mean, at least I’m not a 7-year old who never did her job and only got part of her allownce, like Leigh.  I got dad back thogh.  I put a pice of fake bread in the break container/  He found it an almost mad his sandwich on it.  There’s a few more supris though, like a fake peach, apple, and orang in with the real ones.  And the other piece of fake bread on the toaster.  I hope he finds them.  Ha!  Ha!

— — — — —

I’m home from school.