Time to Wine

I’ve never been a particularly big wine drinker.  Beer and wine have their place, but I just prefer the harder stuff; for its taste, flexible application, and cost per drink.  It’s all too easy to consume a bottle of $30 wine in one sitting (4, 6 fl oz glasses) when that cost could have provided 12, 2 oz cocktails.  Then again, by sticking with $30 bottles, I’m probably missing out on the true wine-enthusiast’s experience.

But price notwithstanding, I still enjoy a glass with a heavy meal.  And Liz enjoys her cheapo grandma wine.  And damned if we didn’t lack a proper wine-storage solution (not that twist cap grandma wine would really benefit, but still).  It was time for a wine rack.

…and Pellegrino

And once again, Wayfair failed to disappoint.

So now, armed with some vague knowledge of vineyards, regions, types, and years; I shall collect!  And drink!  And pompously discuss the contents of my collection after inviting guests down to my cellar!