Vacation 2019

First off, the car broke.  Again.

As it was still under warranty, we took it back to the dealership.  Through constant harassment, I eventually discovered that the dealership could only bill 2 hours of labor per day to the manufacturer, and as the job would require 6 hours, we wouldn’t receive the car back before vacation started.

The vacation miles would also put the car much closer to being out of warranty, and the vehicle’s track record made this prospect unsettling.  Liz debated (or I think she debated), then traded the car in and bought a brand new Subaru Ascent.  It’s dark reddish brown.  I christened it The Coffee Bean.

So it was that we broke in a new family car with a roadtrip to Orlando.

As it turns out, Orlando and Universal Studios is expensive and busy and not relaxing in the slightest.  But I hope it made some memories:


We listened to Harry Potter audiotapes down and back.  I’m glad to be home.