Ronde De Nice

I had trouble with my starter seeds this year.  The Spring was so hot and dry that most of what I transplanted immediately died.  I also couldn’t get my squashes to germinate.

However, there was a single exception, and the vine quickly revealed itself to be of the summer squash variety.  After some time, it began producing fruit.  The trouble was, I didn’t know the cultivar, so I didn’t know when to pick them.

But the internet can be quite revealing, even with the super secret and obscure plant varieties, and I identified it as a Ronde De Nice–a French cultivar (go figure).

It’s supposed to taste like zucchini, probably my least favorite squash, so Liz made zucchini bread, and it tasted as such.  So I guess it’s a mildly interesting variety, but I doubt I’ll try growing it again.