Sidecar Revisited

I suspected this.  I knew that, were we to order a certain drink too many times, that it would immediately see a revival.

I recently wrote about a certain shared experience, wherein Liz needed a pretentious cocktail and after discussion decided upon the sidecar.  It was appropriate for the occasion, being classic yet not terribly well-known despite its former ubiquity.  This combination reliably produced a good drink devoid of embellishment, and reasonably priced.  Yet this hidden gem apparently would not be content to stay in shadow, and as I perused the beer shelves at the grocery, saw this cocktail mockery…mocking me.  MOCKERY!:

And like a fool, I encouraged this, because I bought it.  Damn my curiosity!

But it was good.  It was a hoppy ale with an orange accent, a significant improvement in orangy beer over that Blue Moon crap.  Yet the seed hath been sewn, and I suspect that soon we shall see the humble sidecar rebirthed from ashes, off in a blaze of glory to mediocre Americana restaurants everywhere–ultimately to share in the cruel and adulterated fate of the Manhattan.  Alas, sidecar, we hardly knew ye for what you were.